60s Style

Looking at 60s style and duplicating it is a bit of a craze right now. Some of the results are quite good, others are disasters. I like to go to the source, for me that means set decoration from movies made in the 60s. A great example of  this cool style is The Graduate.  The sets show the comfortable life in a California upper middle class home. Set decorator George Nelson created much of the mood of the movie. This hip den, bar area tells us who these people are. The wall of glass reinforces the upper middle class setting. The glass leads us to  lush, tropical plants, must be California. Its about black and white and sleek. The bar, the leather chair, bar stools are all in black and white. The glass, smooth floor and metal chair bases give the room a sleek, chic look.
A well stocked bar is certainly necessary.  Everything is accessible. Including Mrs Robinson...
From the slick, contemporary bar area  we can see the more traditional design of the stairway and the entry of the house. Mixed styles and mixed messages.
What I like about this bedroom is the classic style. Update the tech and you have a room ready for today.The Graduate tells an interesting story with a message. The set design and decoration are an important element in telling us that story and its message.