A Guest Bedroom

My client owns a townhouse. When we started working on  this room it was the master bedroom. The room was painted (Martha Stewart- Milk Pail), the fabrics were selected. The window treatments were made and installed. Then we stopped. My client had decided to purchase the townhouse next to hers, which would double the living space. This room would become the guest room. There was much to do for the renovations. The guest room was put on the back burner. It was a few years before we returned to it.We still loved the paint color and the window treatments. They stayed. Everything else was changed, removed or renewed. I selected a combination of new and vintage pieces.
A new bed was needed. I designed a fully upholstered  bed covered in a fabric called Platinum from Maxwell Fabrics. Its in a champagne color, subtle and beautiful. The bed was designed for comfort and style. The upholstered  headboard is great for reading in bed. The pattern formed by the buttons and stitching gives it a chic, modern style. The stripe of the window treatments was repeated on the vintage chair. Same pattern different colorway.
The dresser is vintage. Its low profile is a perfect compliment to the lines of the bed. The new upholstered chair and ottoman have a retro style. Covering them in a toile fabric is an unexpected combination. Used this way the toile takes on a more contemporary look.
The guest bedroom is stylish and comfortable. A great retreat for a welcomed visitor.

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