Inspiration and Design Bringing The Color Home

Bountiful color is all around us. I have a new favorite color at least once a week. Taking these glorious colors and using them in your home can be a bit tricky.
I have put together inspirations and designs to show how to take the wonderful color you see in the world around you and bring it into your home.
INSPIRATION  PHOTO  The combination of white hydrangea and intense pink hibiscus is bright, lively and lovely.
DESIGN  With these selections I have taken those colors and used them to create a well designed and balanced home.                                                                                                                                         

                 The design includes: a floral printed linen, a stripe strie silk, a plush velvet, a woven plaid, a flat braided trim, a  textured wool carpet, and a quilted cotton fabric.
The Sherwin Williams Paint colors can be used in various combinations throughout the home to create schemes from bright and lively to soft and quiet.
6575 Priscilla                                                6431 Leapfrog
6385 Dover White                                        6577 Jaipur Pink
7029 Agreeable Grey

The INSPIRATION here is glorious orchids with veins of vibrant color from pink to purple. They also show softer colors: orchid, white, gold, cream and taupe.
DESIGN  The selections include: an embroidered silk fabric with stunning pink, fuchsia and purple on a taupe background, a creamy velvet with a lush brush fringe, a small scale stripe in tones of orchid, taupe and white, a cream wool carpet in a lattice pattern and a printed damask in orchid and cream on linen.
The Sherwin Williams Paint colors can be used to have rooms with vibrant color or soft color using the vibrant colors as accents.
6274 Destiny                                                      6555 Enchant
6977 Queenly                                                     7009 Pearly white
6128 Blonde                                                          7064 Passive             
Sherwin Williams Paint

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