Designers Guild Fall 2010

With the change of season comes a new collection of fabrics and wallcoverings from Designers Guild. The fall 2010 collection is inspired by grand gardens and theatre design. If you know me or follow this blog you know I am a big fan of Designers Guild. A showing of a new collection from DG is a big day for me. So, here is a partial showing of the new Designers Guild. I'm sure there will be more to follow...

This room setting is wonderful, the mix of fabrics, the color palette, the modern furniture in a room with traditional architecture. I love it all.
Dujardin/Magenta, Bakst/Raspberry and Beduzzi/Fuchsia are the fabrics in the window treatments. Dujardin is a printed silk, Bakst is cotton and silk blend and Beduzzi is also a cotton and silk blend. Eberson/Fuchsia is on the sofa and the chair. It is a plush, shaded velvet.

The details of this room are beautiful. The black and white tiled floor is stunning and the curve of the iron railing is a sensuous contrast to the tile. In this setting Designers Guild is showcasing the new Bosquet/Rose panel print. It is a wallcovering that is shown in a full panel, a vivacious focal point.
The window treatment fabrics are Bakst/Raspberry and Bosquet Floral/Raspberry. The chair is covered in Brenan/Moss, a shimmering upholstery weave.
This new collection has an amazing array of fabrics and wallcoverings. More later.

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