The Striking Sets Of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

When I saw the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps I knew it was time for another post on movie sets. The sets in this movie, as in the first Wall Street, convey a lot about the characters that inhabit them. Gordon Gekko's New York apartment this time around is sophisticated with a clean, edited design. The living room has a neutral palette punctuated with abstract art and wide open expanses of window looking out (down?) onto the city.

The architectural detail includes high ceilings and straight lines. The upholstered furniture has (again) straight lines, covered in light neutrals and softened with pillows and a throw. Nothing out of place, very controlled.
The production designer for the film is Kristi Lea and the set decorator is Diane Lederman. Well done.
The sets for the 80's Wall Street are bold and striking. The production designer here is Stephen Hendrickson. The bedroom has strong textured golden walls and unconstructed window treatments.  The furniture is a mix of deep curves and straight lines on the hard surfaces of marble and metal.
Gordon G's office is a mix of styles. The contemporary architectural details and leather sofa are in contrast to the bold green French inspired chair and artwork with a heavily carved gold tone frame. A dramatic design statement. Again, well done.
I enjoyed this movie and will watch  it again to see the wonderful sets.
photos from Cinema Style