Where Do You Find Inspiration?

I am in the midst of teaching a class called Inspiration. It is about finding the elements that inspire the interiors of your home, then taking those elements and making them work.
I find inspiration in a lot of different places. Sometimes I find it in the links between fashion and interior design. Inspiration can be found just about anywhere.

This photo of Coco Chanel is a source of inspiration for me. I have it on the inspiration board in my studio. Its very elegant, stylish and the proportions are perfect, like the design of a Chanel dress or suit. When I first saw the chandelier with its miles and miles of pearls it immediately reminded me of the Chanel photo.
                                   These photos were originally ads for Scalamandre' fabrics. I love the strong color, the way traditional and modern are combined and I particularly love the styling done for the photos. On the left the sweater and purse add a touch of fashion to the interiors and on the right the 60's pink phone brings in the mod touch. Great combinations and style ideas.
Overscaled patterns are a wonderful way to add a statement to a room. What I like about these rooms are the color palettes and the the way the patterns are used. In both rooms the patterns add style but do not  take over the room. The grey, yellow and white palette is striking and comfortable.  The tans and white with accents of pink and fuchsia create a beautiful room.                                                                                                                                                                              
Color. I find inspiration in the paintings of Matisse. His use of color is extraordinary. Strong colors working together create works of art. Along with the strong colors are areas of light  that keep the color from becoming overwhelming.  The photo of the sitting area also shows strong color combined with areas of light. The art work, light colors of the fabric pattern and the area rug bring balance to the intense color of the room.
Inspiration is all around us,
Where do you find inspiration?