Window Treatments * Comfort And Style

Window treatments are an important element in interior design. We know longer need heavy layers to protect us from cold winds in drafty homes but window treatments still provide comfort and add style to our interiors. In this post I have included various styles of window treatments and details that add to a beautiful design.
The floral print Roman shades in this setting are a wonderful addition. They provide the necessary coverage on the windows and add to the overall charm of the English cottage style.

Although not a window treatment, I chose this photo to show how using coordinating fabrics on each side of a panel created a well designed room divider.
I think this is a beautifully designed room. What I like most about the window treatments is their height. Installing them well above the windows and close to the ceiling emphasizes the height of the room, which is a wonderful detail to show off.
These silk panels are graceful and elegant. Pulling them back higher in the panel allows more light to flood in to the room.
I particularly like the use of color in this room and the way the window treatments are part of the color scheme. The strong colors on the chair and wall are balanced by the light color of the fabric used for the window treatment.The fabric's pattern has the colors that bring the room together.
The window treatments here have a quiet elegance that are part of a neutral background allowing the accent colors used to be the focal point of the room. A stunning design.
The shade and panels of this window treatment provide comfort and style for the room. A beautiful and functional combination.
The Roman shade in this office provides color and pattern in an otherwise neutral room.
Window treatments are often the element that completes the design of a room while providing the necessary comfort.
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