Design Classes 2011

In the new year I will be teaching another round of classes through STLCC. In addition to the classes on Resources and Inspiration I will have a class on Window Treatments. The class will focus on the elements of a window treatment.  The treatments shown are from client projects or showhouses I have done.
This is a simple treatment. The fabric panels are gathered on a wood pole with decorative finials. The color palette for the room  was taken from the fabric.
This elegant living room has silk panels that puddle on the floor. I think of it as the ball gown effect.
Attaching the fabric panel to brackets instead of a rod allows the fabric to drape and fold gracefully.
In this girl's bedroom an extra width of fabric added to the panel creates a full, rich effect as the panel is pulled to the side. The fabric softens the look of the full shutter on the window.
For this treatment a double pole was needed. The metal hardware has two poles, one for the sheers and another for the lined silk panels.
Lined linen panels on small brackets create a soft draped effect in this loft sitting area.
I would like your input. What questions do you have about window treatments? What would you want to learn in this class?

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