Osborne & Little * The Zagaroo Collection

Zagaroo is a wonderful new children's collection from Osborne & Little. Zagaroo features the original book illustrations of author/artist Quentin Blake. These fabrics and wallcoverings are full of whimsy, spirit and fun. The fabrics are printed on washable cotton. Fun and practical.
Designing rooms for children is a joy. I want to make each room unique and special for that child, that person.The Zagaroo Collection gives me new, wonderful choices to make that happen.

This pattern is Cockatoo. It is bright and fun. It's a wonderful pattern which can be used for a girl or boy. Not everything needs to be gender specific.
Colorways for Cockatoos.
This is skateboarders.  I love it because it is about being active. Going out and doing something. And again not gender specific.
Colorways for Skateboarders.

This sweet pattern is Alphabet Tales. Each letter  is joyfully illustrated by Quentin Blake in his unique style.
Colorways for Alphabet Tales.