Greta Garbo Art Collector

I found these photos by Billy Cunningham at Architectural Digest. They show the New York City home of Greta Garbo, where she lived from 1953 until her death in 1990. Her art and antique collections were amazing.  For Garbo color was the all important, essential element .
"I love color. With me it's inborn. I just know. I didn't have to learn it." Garbo

The color is wonderful and the scale and proportions are perfect.
The art collection included works by Renoir....
and the Russian Expressionist Jawlensky. The collection was extensive and  hung throughout the apartment. As new acquisitions were made Garbo would rearrange her art work, recreating her gallery.
Beautiful and perfect.
This living room setting included a Renoir painting, a Regence parquetry commode and a Louis XV corner chair. Does it get any better? I don't think so.
In the hallway we find a painting by Garbo's brother and an area rug designed by Garbo herself.  Her talents seem to be never ending.
This closet/dressing room was the home of the Garbo hat collection and another rug she designed.
And then there's this work of art, the beautiful Garbo herself.