Purses/Totes /Briefcases/ Or Whatever You Want To Call Them

Because of my love for beautiful fabrics and sometimes I just can't be stopped,  I have started designing totes ( purses, briefcases, whatever). I use upholstery weight fabrics and each one is embellished with an chandelier crystal. They are a great size and shape. The dimensions are 15" wide, 13" high, 4"deep and the shoulder strap is 12" high. It works for me. I use one everyday as a purse/briefcase.

 This one is a combination of blue cut velvet with a red silk floral lining. There are three pockets and a snap inside each tote.
 I just sold this silvery blue tote.
 They're practical as well as beautiful. The fabrics are upholstery weight and they have a solid bottom to give them a structure.
 If you would like additional information or would like to purchase a tote send me a email.