Update Your Home With Texture

 Adding texture is a great way to update your interiors. Fabrics with texture can be used as pillows or wall hangings to bring dimension, warmth and interest to your home. Texture is created on fabrics by varying weaves or fibers and by using embroidery or embellishments.

These beautiful pillows are from Tessera and are great examples of how to add texture.
The multiple levels of texture adds interest to this pillow.
Anthropologie always has a selection of pillows with wonderful textures.
I love this stack of embroidered silk pillows from Hammer & Hand .
Hammer & Hand also has finished fabrics that have been constructed from antique saris. The individual pieces are sewn together and include fragments that have been embroidered and embellished. These are gorgeous.
Using an embellished fabric as a wall hanging is a wonderful alternative to using only hard surfaces to decorate your walls.
These details show how the upcycled embellished sari fragments have been sewn together to create a beautiful wall hanging.If you have questions about adding texture to your home leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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