What Room Will You Update Next?

Change is good. Right? I think so. Updating your home's interior is a positive change.

 Updating your kitchen or bath is great for you and is a good investment in your home.
Cabinets,counters, appliances, plumbing fixtures, wall tile, flooring,lighting... It can be a bit daunting but with careful planning and selections you can have a wonderful outcome.

 Updating a dining area doesn't necessarily mean new furniture. Changing window treatments, art, chair fabrics and wall color can give you the look and style you are after.
 New furniture, area rug and window treatments will transform a room. Another way to update your living room is to rearrange the furniture,change the wall color and add color with pillows and accessories.
 Whether you are wanting strong color or a room that is soft and quiet updating your bedroom isn't all that complicated.  Add color with art and lighting. To add soft color and pattern wallcovering will do the job. You can use wallcovering around the room or on a focal wall, usually the wall the bed is on.

 Maybe your updates are about getting organized. The first step to organizing is editing. If you don't need it get rid of it. Then its about everything needs a place. If you have a place for it, you will put it away.
Again,change is good. Making changes, updating keeps us motivated. What room will you update next?

photos from Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart