Orange In The Year Of Pink

Since Pantone named its Honeysuckle the color of the year, 2011 has become the year of pink. Which is great.  I am a big fan of pink but let's not forgot about Orange.
Orange is bold, bright and bodacious. It may not be for everyone but this exuberant color will bring vivaciousness to any room it enters.

 The orange walls are just one vibrant element in this beautiful dining room. The combination of bright orange, peacock blue and and dramatic artwork make this a glorious setting.

This softer shade of orange adds color without taking over the room. I love the orange, green and white palette used.
 Sometimes a small area of intense color is all you need. This beautiful orange with pink tones makes a wonderful entry statement.  Isn't that a great table?
 In this sophisticated living room the buttery orange walls are a beautiful background for the neutrals of the furnishings.
 I love the combination of orange and deep fuchsia. The orange of the bookcase and bed is a perfect complement to the lively fuchsia walls. Great color balance in this room.
Orange isn't often thought of as a beachy color but this softened shade in combination with white creates a summery, sandy style,
Orange is a vibrant, lovely color. Do you use it in your home's interiors?

all photos from Elle Decor

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