Put Your Color Where Your Lamp Is

Table lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also come in colors and are a great way to bring color to a room. Whether added in pairs or as a single, lamps can bring vibrant color as well as brilliant light.
As a designer, sources I like to go to for colorful lamps are Arteriors, Currey & Co and Worlds Away. These are wholesale companies who sell to designers and specific retailers.

This brilliant blue lamp with a glass base is from Arteriors.
I love the deep citron yellow of the lamp's base.

Tall, lean and green...
This is my new favorite lamp. It is from Currey & Co. and it is about to light up the living room of one of my clients.
The Pink Venus lamp from Worlds Away. Pretty much says it all. I want this lamp for myself.
Grey, lavender... the color of this lamp base is very intriguing and versatile.
Indigo is one of the colors of the year for 2011. It is also a timeless color that works in both traditional and modern settings.
I love both the color and texture on this lamp.
I've added a few room settings so you could see what a colorful lamp can add to a room. The teal lamp base adds contrast and makes quite a statement.
This is one of my favorite entry photos. I love the combination of patterns and colors. The lamps make it all work. The deep,solid fuchsia of the shades adds balance to the surrounding patterns.

I would describe this room as lovely, sophisticated and subtle. The coral lamps shades bring just the right amount of color to a beautiful setting.