Designer Day Part 2

This week there was a another wonderful Designer Day at Design & Detail. What I like most about these events is the combination of local artisans with the larger national companies.
Laura Bergmann is a local artisan with a great concept and an amazing talent. Laura believes fabric doesn't have to be flat.
"THE IDEA is simple: Fabric doesn’t have to be flat. In fact, it’s more interesting when it’s not - when it has dimensionality & shape, form & movement. Fashion designers know this. They take great freedoms sewing cloth. They texturize, embellish, inflate, pucker, fold, wave, tuck, puff and reconstruct a flat, supple piece of cloth into something with an entirely different disposition. And the highest forms become masterpieces, haute couture, rarely worn works of art."   Laura Bergmann
 These colorful pieces are made from soft, smooth leather.
 The embellished fabrics can be used for accent pillows, headboards, folding screens, lamp shades or room dividers.
 Pleats add dimension and texture.
 Simple fabrics are transformed into sculptural elements.

 One of Laura's lamp shade creations.
 One of the larger companies presenting was Kravet Fabrics, a long time favorite of mine. One of their most intriguing collections was the Modern Group from Kravet Couture. They have cleverly taken traditional designs and modernize them with updated colorways. I liked what I saw.
 The colorways take the fabrics in a new direction.
 A paisley with a very modern style.
The vibrant colors on this embroidered piece are stunning.

Hickory Chair was also showing new product.  This gorgeous piece is the Monroe Sofa. I love the French Moderne influence.  Look for this soon in a client's living room. Nice linen fabric, colorful pillows....