Wallcoverings From Osborne & Little And Harlequin

I like wallcovering or wallpaper, whatever you want to call it. What I like about these wallcoverings from Osborne & Little and Harlequin is the updated, modern style they have.  Even when used in a traditional setting they bring a modern aesthetic. They are all fresh and vibrant.

 The Benvarden from O&L is a wonderful combination of pattern and color. It looks great on this wall as an accent.
 Kikko Trellis is also from O&L. It brings a sophisticated, modern style and looks beautiful wtih the collection of white ceramics.
 This tradtional O&L damask pattern, Ressonico works well in this modern setting.
 O&L's Stradivari is a curvaceous wonder. I love the elegance mixed with a bit of glamour.
 Wild Chrysanthemum, a pattern from the archives of Osborne & Little looks perfect in today's interiors.
 This Harlequin pattern is spirited and lively with the white painted furniture.
 An updated floral combined with modern furniture is a stunning look.
 Sleek modern furniture with fresh spring flowers creates an inviting setting
 This wallcovering is a perfect background to the white and turquoise furniture and accessories.
 I love this Harlequin wallcovering as an accent wall in a bedroom. The bright white bedding against the lively floral background is wonderful.
 A stylized floral with clean, modern furniture...
 Modern style likes wallcovering.
Vibrant, vivacious, glamorous
 A sublte neutral color palette is highlighted with a monochromatic large scale floral.

Wallcovering in an entry makes a great first impression.

 Another stunning pattern from Harlequin.
 The coral in the background allows the neutrals to stand out and make a statement.
 A wonderful combination of fabric and wallcovering from Harlequin.
 The bold color palette is balanced by the pattern of the wallcovering.
 The curved lines of the furniture, the open pattern of the wallcovering, shades of teal and white; these design elements create and elegant, graceful room.
Wallcovering brings an additional layer to a room. Color, pattern, texture can all be added with this one element.
Osborne & Little                            Harlequin