Blue and White * Bright * Bold * Beautiful

Bright, bold, beautiful are all ways to describe using a blue and white palette. Crisp, clean, confident can also be used to describe this powerful duo. Whether you use it for the entire room or as an accent, bold blue and white will lift your rooms decor.

Blue and white, crisp and clean on dinnerware and tiles.
 This room's strong blue palette is bright and bold.
 The deep blue walls are a strong background to the white furniture and bedding.
 A modern take on a blue and white lamp.
 The more traditional version.
 Adding another strong color can intensify the blue and white combination.
photo from Absolutely Beautiful Things.
 An otherwise sedate setting is enlivened with deep blue walls.
 Blue and white can bring summer into a room.
photo from Designers Guild
 Chic white furniture becomes more vibrant with the contrast of a rich blue wall.
 In this bedroom varies shades of blue are unified by the stark white.
 I love the bold blue and white stripe on the chair.
 This is a gorgeous room. The soft palette accentuated with blue creates a beautiful, inviting setting.
This water color, by Muriel Eulich,is a stunning tribute to the power of blue and white.

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