Mixing Patterns And Finding Your Design Balance

Elle Decor has an article on their website about mixing patterns.You can find if here. I want to give my own design thoughts on using and mixing patterns in your interiors.
We all have our own level of design balance. What is great for one person will be wrong for the next. I like using patterns. I like mixing patterns.  This has to be done with thought, care and a sense of the overall design.

 This setting from Elle Decor is a wonderful example of using patterns with the overall design in mind. The colors palette works around the room. The colors and patterns flow throughout the space.
 Repeating a large scale pattern, such as a toile, around a room can create a calm, restful design.
 In this room adding a bright color to the neutral palette creates pattern. Green with the white of the bookcase creates a pattern for the room's background. The green throw over the ottoman adds color and adds a pattern to the furniture.
 A strong intense pattern can be mixed but works best when it remains the focal pattern. I love the small amount of animal print used to break up but not take away from the stripe.
 Keeping the color palette in similar tones is an appealing way to use patterns. You can mix several patterns without overwhelming the space. Photo from Coastal Living.
 The overall "blueness" of this room is the focal point for me. The neutrals and patterns add interest and work with the blue. What also works is the patterns vary in color but the scale is very similar.
Strong pattern and color can be balanced with clear, solid neutrals. The strong patterns and rich red in this bedroom are toned down by the vibrant white.
Don't hesitate to mix patterns. You just need to find your design balance.

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