Art Collage Wall

Arranging art can be an art itself. Balance, scale and proportion are all part of the equation in creating the perfect arrangement of art and accessories.

 photo from Rue Magazine   The wall sconces are an intricate part of this art collage. The art in the room has been placed to create a balance with the seating area.
 photo from Rue Magazine  The computer screen and accessories in this office have been arranged to enhance the art.
 photo from Rue Magazine  Clean white walls and furnishings create a gallery like setting for an art collection.
 photo from Rue Magazine   Included in the art placement are the fireplace, mantel, chair, tall cabinet and cocktail table. All are used to balance and provide space for the art and accessories.
 photo from Habitually Chic   In this updated traditional office frames in a variety of shapes and sizes have been carefully placed to create this interesting  wall collection.
 Designed by Mary McDonald     The deep blue wall is a stunning background for this arrangement of art and accessories. Balance, scale and proportion- it's all there.
 Designed by Mary McDonald    The grouping on the table as well as the wall arrangement of mirror and framed photos create a setting that is harmonious and vivacious.
Designed by Mary McDonald   The leopard print covered wall brings together the mix of framed photos and prints.

With contemplation and an eye for design an art collage wall can be created to complete and enhance the style of a room.

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