The Serenity Of Neutrals

I talk and post a lot about color but I also have an appreciation for neutrals. The right combination of similar soft tones make for a beautiful and serene setting.

There is great attention to detail in this neutral room from the pleats of the window treatments to the pattern of the accent pillows.
 The contrast of the dark, sleek wood against the light neutral fabric and wallcovering adds to the sophistication of this dining area.
 This room I call Edgy Neutrals. I like it!
 Cream and white with just enough dark wood to give the room depth.
 I like the subtle change in color of the plaid sofa fabric.
There's a lot going on in this room. The neutral palette makes it all work without getting overwhelming.
 The chrome, glass and mirrors add a bit of glamour to this neutral room.

A beautiful soft, dreamy neutral bedroom. Strong color isn't necessary to design a stunning room. The right mix of neutrals is truly beautiful.
Photos from Osborne & Little and Homes and Gardens

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