Summer Settings

A bright sky, lush green landscape, these are the calls of summer. Sometimes you just have to be outside. Let these outdoor settings  inspire and entice you into the great outdoors.

 Colorful, bright, comfortable. A great setting. I love the mix of color and pattern on the earthy wicker background.
 I am enchanted by blue and white all over again. It's always cool and crisp in a summer setting.
 I love how the surrounding green is used to highlight the bright pink flowers on the table. The fabrics are pretty great too.
 Its all in the details. The color palette for this outdoor table is perfect. The floral table runners placed across the table makes it all work.
 Exotic, pink, breezy. Where is this? I want to go.
 The deep brown of the house is a wonderful background for the turquoise, white and fuchsia palette. Inviting and vibrant.
 It isn't always about high doses of color. The white and tan create a soft, serene atmosphere.
The soft, cozy hammock setting may actually be better with your eyes closed. Happy Summer
photos from Homes&Gardens