Inspiration Is Everywhere

I recently did some vintage shopping (hunting) at Junque, located in a building which was part of the International Shoe Company in St Louis. Junque is always filled with treasures from architectural elements to decorative items. It is fascinating. What is also fascinating is  the complex of buildings in the area, some are in use some are not. 

 The building, constructed in the 1860s, was originally part of the Lemp Brewery. International Shoe purchased it in 1922. The building is intact and houses a few small businesses.
 The combination of the colors on the bricks, the blue/green shade of paint on the window and door trim and the grey stone details is wonderful. You never know where you will find you next favorite color palette.
 I wasn't sure what was through this doorway but I had to go in.
 Just inside was this amazing metal spiral staircase.

 These metal cogs. wheels and whatever were on the ground outside of the shop.
 Color, texture, pattern is everywhere.
 A small portion of architectural elements to be found at Junque.

 This piece was once part of a conveyor belt. It has such a great sculptural look. Maybe next it will be a wall hanging.