The Balance of Black and Color

Dorothy Draper is an iconic interior designer. One of her strengths was understanding the power of using black in her designs.
Black is strong, powerful and can be over whelming. Balance is the key.
Dorothy Draper knew how to use and balance black in her interiors.

The black background of the wall hangings is a wonderful contrast  to the rose colored walls. Using dark grey on the sofa instead of black maintains the balance of dark and color.

The black of the window treatment fabric is a stunning contrast to the vivid colors of the flowers.
This grouping of pillows is a beautiful mix of patterns, color and black. Balance.
The black bookcases in this dining room bring depth and character to the room. The light walls and wood toned furniture balance the black bookcases.
Black can be a beautiful addition to a room. It adds depth and elegance when used with the correct balance.

photos from Dorothy Draper and Homes & Gardens