NYC Loft

There are a lot of  loft looks these days. They are often dark and gloomy. A loft is light filled from tall windows and has wide open spaces with specific areas. When I saw photos of this NYC loft at Vogue I knew it was the real deal. Now this is a loft. It belongs to Vogue staffer, Devon Radziwell and her husband.
This is such a beautiful space, from the sheen of the wood floors to the high ceilings and the series of tall windows, it is all amazing.
The loft is open, functional well designed and decorated.
The brick walls are a great back drop for the the smooth surfaces of the table, chairs, cabinets and counters.
A perfect open table for the living area.
There is plenty of storage in this office for two.
The bedroom is given a softer look by using carpet and bedding that adds charm and comfort to the space.  
Loft living may not be for everyone but this space definitively shows it at its best.