Color Texture Pattern

Color, texture and pattern are important elements of interior design. They are important because they occur in the world around us and are part of our everyday life. Sometimes they are placed by the human hand. 

 Woven chairs placed at  round tables in a neat row create a pattern of various colors and textures.
 A group of handle bags in Betsey Johnson's signature pink make a glorious and colorful pattern.
 Repeated elements in an interior can interest and elegance. The row of paned glass doors and light fixtures make a strong statement in this setting.  photo from French Essence
 Nature provides us with boundless amounts of color, texture and pattern.
 You could design the interiors of your home from the color palette found in these onions and artichokes. There is also the right balance of texture and pattern. Have you found your perfect mix of color, texture and pattern?

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