Capri: The Color Of The Week

  One part blue, one part turquoise, one part teal, a beautiful vibrant color Sherwin Williams Paints calls Capri or #6788. 
 Whether you use a little or a lot Capri brings a vivacious bit of color and brightness.
 It makes a stunning wall color in a casual or a more formal setting.

 The tones in Capri make a wonderful contrast to clear white.

 These chairs take on a whole new personality with a coat of Capri.
 Sometimes a little goes a long way.

 Designer Guild  uses the color with pink, navy and white.
 Harlequin mixes Capri with deep brown and chartreuse.
Capri, navy, yellow, black and white, combine to create a stunning palette.
 A beautiful, cool, contemporary setting.
 Capri can be found just about anywhere.

Where will you be using Capri?

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