Color Crush: Lilac

   Not everyone's color crush is a citrus shade tending this season. Some prefer to stay with softer tones. Lilac is a wonderful color that works beautifully in a soft neutral palette.  Shown is Sherwin Williams 6835 Euphoric Lilac.

 Designer Guild's fabric Cabriole/ Heather blends shades of lilac with cream and metallic accents.
 Soft lilac walls with pale green linen covered sofa and chairs, white trim and silver toned metal tables.
 Styling by Designers Guild:  Lilac accenting shades of grey and white
 A table lamp is a great place to use your color crush as an accent.

 Lamps from Arteriors
 Plate from Anthropologie
 Custom designed wool rug : grey background, pattern in lilac highlighted with moss green silk
 Light neutrals with aged brass table and lilac accents.
White, grey, taupe, cream and lilac
Your color crush is whatever you like. Trends are fun but they don't have to define what you like and have in your home. What is your color crush?

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