Plates, Plates, Plates

Arranging and hanging plates on a wall is another way to add color, texture and pattern to a space. Traditionally this was done in a dining room or a breakfast area. Now they can be found in every sort of room and bring a distinct element whatever the design style. What I particularly like about the grouping above is the diamond shape formed by the arrangement.
Blue and white is a classic color combination for plates. I like seeing it in a color palette that includes lavender and soft pink.
Plates in a bathroom! This collection of plates and trays from John Derian looks perfectly at home here.
Love the white of the plates on the dark wall, graphic and dramatic.
This arrangement gives the illusion the plates are floating up the wall.
Plates outside, why not? A little rain won't hurt them. Great color and I like the way some of the plates over lap each other.
Even on a patterned wall...
A stunning minimalist look for these plates, crisp and clean.
A wonderful mix, the plates, the colors, everything.
I  love this arrangement, a great balance.      
And then...a rather unusual and highly creative use for plates. As part of the Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden, these matching dragons caught my eye. Large, colorful and spewing smoke they were very impressive.

As I walked closer I realized what they were made of, plates. Lots and lots of plates.

So when you're trying to figure out how to arrange you plates on the wall , get creative. Who knows what will appear?

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