As you may have heard Pantone, the self proclaimed authority on color, has named the color of the year for 2013. It is Emerald, glowing, gorgeous and green.
 Pantone's Emerald is a bit on the blue side for me but it is emerald.  This post will show you various ways you can use this glorious color in your home.
 The beautiful emerald green window treatments are stunning with the gray walls and white chairs.
 I love the color tones of this aged, elegant sofa.
 An emerald chandelier...

Delicate, traditional, wonderful, green tea cups, saucers and plates
Surrounded by elegant emerald green.

A chic setting highlighted by an wall of worn emerald.

The bold green of the window treatment is balanced by pillows on the sofa.
 A glowing emerald entry door. There's a bit of color confidence.
 details, details, details

Rich emerald accessories complete the room.
How will you be using emerald in your home? Is Emerald your color crush or is it true love?
all photos from Pinterest

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