The New Gold and How To Mix Your Metals

A gold tone as a finish has been out of vogue since the bright and shiny 80's. Now it is back in a big way. I was a bit reluctant to embrace the return of the gold finish on metals but I've come around. The new version of gold is deep and rich and it looks quite chic.

 Vintage console table.  Bar cart, table,bench, mirror and desk are from Worlds Away.

So now the dilemma, how can you use the gold if the finishes in your home's interiors are nickel or bronze?  Well, you can mix your metals. You just need to follow the sage advice of Tim Gunn and mix them "thoughtfully and carefully."

The Fairchild chandelier and vintage coffee table above each have their own mix of metals.  Mixing the warm  gold tone with a cool silver tone on a single piece makes the transition smooth and simple.

 This bright, beautiful seating area has tables, lamp and etagere in gold that are perfectly at home with the stainless steel finish of the woven Bertoia chair.
 Gold on the end table and silver on the coffee table add style to this setting.
 The bronze finish of the window treatment hardware is the right choice with the gold finishes in this room. Another gold finish would be a bit much. Photo from The Gold And Gray Blog
 Another beautiful example of how to mix your metals. From Cote de Texas
 This design by Barry Dixon mixes metals subtly in a space with soft neutrals and colorful accents.
 The warm tones of gold are a complement to the cool tones of turquoise, deep blue and emerald green.
 Mixing metals with a retro 70's style.
 The nickel finishes of the kitchen transition into the sitting area and mix with gold tones.
photo from House of Turquoise
The gold tones are the highlight in this wonderfully designed room.
photo from House of Turquoise
Will you be mixing your metals?

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