Color Confidence

Color, isn't it amazing? It can change how you feel, how you perceive. It is powerful when used to the extreme and powerful when it is barely used at all.  For me, the use of color brings confidence. It should make you feel good. 

This vignette is color perfect. The light, soft neutrals are a wonderful background for the strong pinks.
And in fashion... Deep pink makes a strong, feminine statement.
Fuchsia is vibrant, chic and glamorous when used in fashion or interiors.

Turquoise is unforgettable. It works with so many other colors and it is always outstanding.
Turquoise on the runway, beautiful.
Lovely lavender, smooth, cool, and doesn't it look great with gold?!

Pure purple. Painting the table purple was a genius idea. It solidifies the room. The colors of the map all look like they jumped out of the purple in the table.
Royalty in a color.

The clear, clean red in this setting speaks volumes against the warm, thick greys. I love this room.
Red, rouge...  whatever you call it the color is striking and attention grabbing.
Teal is the color I see first in this photo. What I like the most is how the teal works with the other colors.
Teal and blue  Teal and red  Teal and emerald Teal and black  Amazing
Teal and anything... it works.
Pink, fuchsia, turquoise, lavender, purple, red, teal  all stand outs working together. Stunning.

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