The Warm Glow Of A Fireplace

Fireplaces are one of the highlights of winter. I'm not a cold weather person so, for me, there are few highlights but I do love the warm, welcoming glow of a blazing fire. 

This photo by Carla Coulson is of the home of Vicki Archer, author and blogger at French Essence. The room is beautiful and the fireplace is is the crowning glory.
A simple and timeless setting. The scale and design of the stone fireplace is perfect in the space. Photo from 1st Dibs
Art and fireplace compliment each other in this cool, neutral space. Photo from Belgian Pearls
I like the way the dark wood of the fireplace surround is the strong element in this setting of soft neutrals
The simple, clean lines of the fireplace are the perfect backdrop for this well appointed contemporary design. Photo from Belgian Pearls
Love this elegant room. The fireplace, furnishings, window treatments and styling are wonderful.
Beautiful European style and a blazing fire.
A mirrored fireplace from the great Elsie de Wolfe. Fireplace glam.
Fireplaces in bedrooms were once common place now they are more of glowing luxury.
Fireplace at Versailles, the grand daddy of them all.
Stay warm and close to your fireplace this winter if you are lucky enough to have one.

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