Pendant Lighting

I have been researching pendant lights for a bar area in one of my design projects. This blog post is the result of that research. Not all of the lights in this post are appropriate for my client's bar but they are all now my new favorite pendant lights.
 The first is the Firelight lantern from Currey and Co. The shape, pattern and antique brass finish give this classic light an updated style.
 Also from Currey, the Beckett pendant is constructed from recycled glass and an industrial look metal with a rust finish.
 The Charney pendant is a metal shade with an antique tin finish embellished with glass beads. The unexpected combination gives the Charney an unique charm.
 A polished concrete finish and distinctive shape give a retro style to the Hampshire pendant.
 The glamorous Vickers light has an airy bell shape and a textured gold finish. Beautiful.
All of the above lights are from Currey and Co.
 The bell jar light with birds from Canopy Designs is one of the most beautiful lights I have ever seen. I first saw it in New York two years ago. It is one of my all time favorites.
 The Maribel lantern from Coleen and Company comes is several standard colors and is available in almost any custom color. Colorful lighting, such as the Maribel, is a great way to add color to a neutral kitchen or dining area.

 Also from Coleen and Company, the Tole Tent light in black is bold, chic and sophisticated.
 I have been a fan of the star light for a long time. This wonderful light fixture can work over a kitchen island or a bar.
 The metal Blossom pendant, Yes.
 The Ellis pendant has a metal frame with a gold finish and a linen shade. Gorgeous.
 A contemporary light, the Pemble, can also be used in a traditional or transitional design.
 The Verona light in gold is both simple and complicated. It is an amazing light that would look great in an open kitchen area. The above lights are from Worlds Away.
Stray Dog Designs has created this graphic pattern light in a navy finish. Perfect for a clean, crisp interior design highlighting a white and navy blue color palette.
So there you have it, my new favorite lights. If you would like additional information on any of these lights my contact information is in the about me section.

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